Screen on the Green is back!

by graceelena on June 11, 2009

Alex, my dear friend from camp/work/life, asked me to blog about Screen on the Green being back. He’s a wonderful person and Screen on the Green is awesome, so here it goes.

For those of you not from DC, Screen on the Green is held each summer on the National Mall. A HUGE movie screen is put up and Washingtonians and tourists come together to watch a classic movie on the mall. Four movies are shown each summer. Last summer the lineup included 1978 Superman and Arsenic and Old Lace. This summers full lineup has not yet been released.

A month ago it was announced that the event would be canceled due to lack of funding. Well, DC residents would not have it and sent hundreds of letters to HBO (the sponsor of the event). They also sent letters to other companies asking them to participate in funding the event. Now, HBO will be teaming up with Comcast and Trust for the National Mall to host the event.

I am really excited that it’s back. When I moved to DC two years ago I was unable to catch the last movie of the summer which happened to be one of my favorites, Casablanca. And then this last summer I was too smitten with a certain someone to care about going to a big event on the mall. Although now that I think back on it, Screen on the Green is just about the best casual and free date ever.

This summer, I WILL be attending. It looks like Close Encounters of the Third Kind will be the first movie shown on July 20th. I’ve never seen it and am not all that interested but it’s a free movie, it’s outside and I love sunshine.

Look out for more information about the other movies soon. I hope to see many of you out there this summer!

Thanks, Alex for the suggestion! It was fun to write. :)

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