Fabulous Food Friday: Make Your Own Pizza

by graceelena on August 21, 2009

Yesterday I began day 1 of Project Weight Gain. Since January I’ve lost over 10 pounds and I am officially underweight. I liked my old weight and I want it back. Keep in mind, I was not trying to lose this weight.

SO, I’m packing on the calories, in the healthiest way possible. Which for me is eating regularly–including snacks. I’m sure a couple of cheeseburgers and milkshakes wouldn’t hurt either.

I started off Project Weight Gain the right way. With homemade pizza! (well, almost homemade). My mom and I bought the dough at Trader Joe’s. It was only 99 cents and delicious. We rolled it out and added a little olive oil and garlic and then me, my mother and the boy divided it into three and added our own toppings.

Mine is the front piece. I used chunky tomato sauce, a little basil, mozzarella, pepperoni, and some parmesan. Come to think of it we all used the same things, just a little more or less of each.

We ate salad while the pizza cooked. I was the only one that didn’t accidentally drown mine in dressing. Which probably was largely due to the fact that I put mine on last.

The pizza was delicious. Nice and crispy and very fresh tasting. Plus, it was really easy and quick. I think I may need to stock up on pizza dough once winter comes around.

Happy Friday! I hope it’s filled with delicious food!

And if you want to take part in Project Weight Gain I’m open to meal invitations, recipes, tips and workout partners. (you know, why not pack on the muscle while I’m at it?)

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