Idaho Sky

by graceelena on August 26, 2010

The first two weeks of August I went on vacation with my parents. We traveled through California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Montana. We spent most of the vacation at Glacier National Park. Glacier is gorgeous, but my favorite part of the trip was driving through Idaho. Idaho is breathtaking. We passed through forest and prairie and the most darling towns.

As you can see, the sky in Idaho is phenomenal. I had never seen such a perfectly beautiful sky. Brilliant blue with the lightest, fluffiest clouds. I took a million pictures of them. My mom teased me about it comparing me to my dad who took tons of pictures of the waterfalls at Glacier. Well, we can’t help it. When we see something beautiful we want to capture it and take it with us everywhere.

I wished we didn’t have to leave. I could have spent the entire vacation on the prairie looking at the clouds and reading a good book.

If you get the chance, take a trip to Idaho. It’s well worth it.