“I wanna call you mine, and never let you down I wanna feel it’s right, over and over”

by graceelena on October 22, 2013

I arrived in DC on Sunday, September 29th at 01:00 after a five day adventure across the United States complete with buffalo burgers, a speeding ticket in Arizona, several Dairy Queen stops, Coor’s Light in Colorado, a dinner party beneath dozens of mounted animal heads, Steak ‘n Shake in Missouri, and lots of hugs and laughter with friends.

Since then I have been moving faster than I thought possible. I was reminded today that I have been in Washington, DC a mere twenty-three days. It feels like much more than that.

By the end of the first week I had a new closet system installed in my room, purchased a mattress and bed, interviewed with a temp agency, enjoyed a dance party complete with disco ball, and met up with three friends. By the second week I had secured a temporary position, interviewed with another temp agency, baked cookies, tried out two crossfits, watched scary movies with a friend, got a library card along with several books, had long conversations with NY friends, celebrated my friend soulmate passing the CO bar exam, and drew a cow and a barn on a chalkboard wall as a my first task at work. The third week I went on a couple dates, recorded a podcast, met with an attorney about a possible job opportunity, re-organized the entire kitchen, survived taking a six year old to school, celebrated a friend’s 31st birthday, found a crossfit I love, completed round one of wedding planning for the ceremony I am officiating, and managed not to scream too much at a haunted house.

This week marks the end of my first month and it continues to be jam packed and fantastic. A new and more secure job is on the horizon, friend dinners are planned, a Halloween party with most of my favorite people on Saturday, extra hours at work, more dates, and of course, applying for loads more jobs.

My life is always fantastic. But right now it feels even more exciting, beautiful, and enchanting than usual. I am exactly where I need to be and look forward to each new challenge and blessing that is headed my way.

Thank you all for your support, comfort, and encouragement. This move would not have been possible without it.

More blogging is forthcoming. Promise.